Bionic Bird Premium

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Manufactured by XTIM.
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XTIM’s Bionic Bird, the first Bluetooth controlled robotic animal that looks and moves exactly like its natural counterpart.

See the Bionic Bird in flight:

Ready to flyBionic Bird is ready to take flight. This beauty offers the opportunity to experience an extraordinary sensory adventure: to fly like a bird. The Flying App application, available on iOS devices, is ultra-sensitive and intuitive. A wave of the hand and the bird obeys.

Nature friendlyBionic Bird is the only flying object in the world that doesn’t frighten birds. On the contrary, it attracts them all! Friends and enemies alike… Bionic Bird is rapid enough to escape its predators, even cats. Its elastic foam body is indestructible; its flexible wings absorb shocks.

Smart designBionic Bird is ultra-light. Its mechanics, miniaturized to the extreme, are like a timepiece and contain several exclusive patents. Bionic Bird charges on its egg by a magnetic contact in less than 12 minutes. The egg acts as a portable charger with a capacity of up to 10 full charges.

Additional videos –
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10 video tutorials that will help anyone get up and flying with ease.


•Package includes: 1 Bionic Bird, 1 set of spare wings, 1 brush, 1 bag of aluminum tape pieces to balance wings, 1 egg charger, 1 USB cord.

•System Requirements: iPhone 6 or above running iOS 9 or above. Android 4.3 with Bluetooth 4.

•Box size: 14.8” x 8.3” x 2.9” (L x W x H)

•Box weight: 1.5 lbs


•30 day refund policy.

•1 year warranty.

•Product ships within 72 hours of order date. Usually quicker.


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