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“Each day in the United States, approximately 11 people are killed and more than 1,000 injured in crashes that are reported to involved a distracted driver” – NHTSA

CELLslip is a pouch that uses RFID blocking material to block all signals to your phone once the pouch is sealed. With a physical barrier between the driver and their phone, the phone is out of sight and truly eliminates all phone distractions. When the phone is removed signal is restored within moments and all missed communication is delivered (voice mail, text messages, and app notifications).

● Blocks all incoming & outgoing cell signal
● Provides a visual reminder of the dangers
of distracted driving
● Provides a physical barrier between the
user and their phone helping decrease the
urge to check their phone
● When the phone is removed the user
receives all missed text messages, app
notifications, & voicemails
● Fits 99% of smartphones
● Creates better driving habits
● Does not decrease battery life


  1. bogdanoff

    Another benefit–your phone can’t be tracked by others. Normally you would have to shut off the phone to do that.

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