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The ChargeHub provides 7 USB dedicated charging ports and 48 Watts of total power delivery to charge up to 7 simultaneously connected phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It also includes patent-pending SmartSpeed™ Technology to allow any port to charge the connected device at its maximum charging speed, regardless of whether it is an Apple iOS or Android device.

You won’t find SmartSpeed™ Technology in any other charger on the market.

The blue LED power indicator light shows the ChargeHub™ is on and functional and the adjustable blue LED underglow effect can be used in the dark. Additionally, various safety features are built-in to assist in the protection of all connected devices. Use the FREE online DesignStudio to personalize with a any logo, text, graphic or artwork. It’s as easy as 1, 2,3 – Simply upload, personalize and print.The 48W wall power supply is simply one cord to the wall and it eliminates excess cable and numerous plugs, outlets and power strips to maintain a neat and organized space. The ChargeHub™ is portable and can be used in variety of places from home and work, as well as on-the-go that includes: cars, trucks (commercial), RV’s, boats and most airplanes. Comes in black or white, round or square!

• Works with USB related devices
• 100-240V AC socket required for use
• Includes a 48W wall power supply
• 10 – 30 Volt input range
• 85 Watts total power
• 17 Amp max output current
• 90% Efficiency
• Supports AC to DC power adapters and DC through a vehicle (sold separately)


•Retail Box Size: 6-1/8” x 3-5/8” x 6-1/8” •Retail Box Weight: 1.5lbs


•Shipping in contiguous US 48 states - $6.00


•30 day money back guarantee

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