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MacCleanse is the product of thousands of hours of intense research and development. It meticulously scans all of the nooks and crannies of a computer for unnecessary junk that can take up huge amounts of disk space! Because of this, Apps in MacCleanse are also uninstalled correctly, catching the numerous logs, caches, plugins, and other resources left behind versus simply dragging them to the Trash. Your privacy is protected and computer performance enhanced by MacCleanse as it wipes your web and app histories, and can toggle resource-hungry extensions! MacCleanse won’t miss a thing and could reclaim hundreds of megabytes of storage. It is an ideal solution when shopping for gifts, cleansing the system after someone else has used it, or when preparing to sell your computer.

•Web & App Histories – Erase app & web histories, cookies, caches, logs, and auto-fill values to both save disk space and protect your privacy.
•Extension Manager – Enable or disable screen savers, web browser plugins, preference panes, login items, and system plugins on the fly; only loading them when you need them to save system resources.
•Ditch Duplicates – Using the most sophisticated and safe algorithm in the industry, MacCleanse can identify and flag duplicate copies of files.
•Login Items – Identify and disable unwanted login items that could be slowing down system startup times or hogging background CPU usage.
•Slim Apps – Cut the fat out of installed apps by removing unused language packs and trimming off legacy PowerPC binary data.
•Orphans – Find junk left behind by apps that were incorrectly uninstalled in the past.

•OS X 10.7 or later

Download only. You will be sent an email, with your serial number, from the developer, Koingo Software, immediately after the purchase requesting you to register your purchase.
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