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Tired of wasting money on your expensive coffee, tea, cheeses, truffles, herbs, fruits, meats and spices?

We have the solution, it’s called Savior. The Savior will keep your products at the peak of their freshness, with our patented vacuum seal system, holding up to 2.5 quarts. This is the world`s most advanced non-electric vacuum storage container! Absolutely no electricity needed! Invest in the Savior now and enjoy your products fresher and longer and without waste. The Savior will pay for itself many times over.

A great investment that will last for years!

Check out Savior in action…

•2.5 qt
•5.7x5.7x8.2 inch
•1.52 lb
•Available Colors:
Brown, Gray, Beige
•Free shipping in Continental 48.
•2 year warranty.
•Due to manufacturer's terms, all sales are final.

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  1. :

    how many of each container do you get? i can’t tell from the video or the description.

  2. :

    It’s just one container that holds up to 2 1/2 quarts. Here’s an impressive video to see how well it works…