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Introducing Uneeq’s Awesome Mac Bundle #6! Seven phenominal apps for less than $25 (normally $308.82)! This bundle has a little something for everyone…

-Data Recovery Mac ($79.95)
-1,000 Open Type Fonts ($99.00)
-App Crypt ($19.00)
-Circular Studio ($29.99)
-Easy Split Merge ($19.95)
-Mac Product Key Finder Pro ($29.95)
-Super Refocus ($29.99)

Data Recovery Mac
Amacsoft Data Recovery Pro for Mac is an easy to use yet powerful hard drive recovery program. No matter if it’s been deleted, formatted, or is otherwise inaccessible, it can help users to recover videos, photos, documents, emails, etc. from various external or internal hard drive on Mac OS X easily.

Recover all types of data from Mac-based hard drive or external hard drive.
Restore multiple files on Mac in a batch.
Preview any files you want before recovery in the program directly.
Read-only, risk-free and cost-effective Mac data recovery software.

1,000 Open Type Fonts
Take your projects to new heights with a collection of Macappware’s 1000 OpenType fonts for commercial use. With 240 unique font family styles and a whopping 1,000 fonts total, you’ll have no shortage of resources for spicing up your web and graphic design, scrapbooks, and more.

• Choose from a selection of 1,000 royalty-free fonts
• Enjoy the variety of 240 unique font families
• Use for any personal & business projects
• Access on both Mac computers
• Benefit from international character support for nearly all fonts

App Crypt
Cisdem AppCrypt is designed for protecting your apps and block websites to make sure you are the only master. It is quite easy to use. Just simply setting a password and adding the apps and websites to the lock list and no one is able to access your protected apps and websites without the correct password. You will never worry about prying eyes when you share your Mac with others. You can also prevent your children from apps at improper time by setting specific time periods of encryption. What’s more, it keeps track of failed attempts and provides reporting on app name, date, time, operation and snapshot took by front camera.

• One Password for All Apps & Websites
• Customize Encryption Time Schedule
• Automatically Exit Inactive Apps
• Track Fail Attempts to Locked Apps
• Invisible for the Eyes
• Global Shortcuts Settings

Circular Studio
BrainFeverMedia’s Circular Studio is an incredibly powerful “tiny planet” app for the Mac. It has innovative new features never seen before in this type of app, such as sky objects, centers, clouds, and flares.

• Real-time image editing
• Adjust image zoom, rotation, invert-mode, and repeats
• Innovative visual effects such as sky decorations, centers and flares. The lens flares are from our app LensFlare Studio
• Professional filters and lens textures
• Professional Features
• Internal 64-bit pipeline for highest quality processing
• Preserves Exif data

EasySplitMerge by 321Soft, is a simple yet efficient software solution that allows you to split a large file into smaller files that are more manageable, and merge them together when you need it. If you have a large file that cannot be sent to another computer, you can quickly and easily spilt this large file into several smaller files by using this software. And hence the files can be easily transferred to another computer. After which you can then use this software to merge the splitted files back as the original file. The application automatically splits the file according to specified file size and number of pieces. It supports any file type and there are no file format restrictions.

• Easily manipulate your large files with the Split and Combine Files features, which allow you to cut up and put together files for quick and easy editing.
• The application automatically splits the file according to specified file size and number of pieces.
• The software supports any types of files. File types supported include video, audio, documents, PDF, archive files, applications, spreadsheets, pictures, and so on.
• It has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. And supports rapid immediate split and merge/restore files without waiting.
• Generates a Self-Uniting program to restore your split files professionally, So anyone can restore the original file easily without EasySplitMerge having to be installed on the destination system.

Mac Product Key Finder Pro
Mac Product Key Finder Pro, by One Up, Ltd, is an application designed to safeguard activation keys for software products installed on your Mac. Mac Product Key Finder will scan your local and remote Mac for installed software and show you your serials numbers, then allow printing or saving software-license information to a file. Mac Product Key Finder can be very useful for backup purposes, to save all your serial numbers before it is too late. Furthermore, Mac Product Key Finder Pro will scan different partitions or drives, networked Macs, and TimeMachine backups. A command-line version included.

Mac Product Key Finder will:
• Recover your serial numbers, and serial numbers of devices such as iPod, iPad, and iPhone if you have connected then with iTunes before–you may need them in case you lose your devices.
• Recover product keys for Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS6, Microsoft Office 2008, WinZip for Mac, Parallel’s Desktop, CleanMyMac, AppZapper, and many more. It currently supports 374 applications.

Super Refocus
Super Refocus, by Effectmatrix, easily defines a focus area and achieves lens blur, motion blur effects. Super Refocus extends filter and lens functionality beyond your camera and allows you to adjustable controls to add custom focus options to make any photo stand-out. Expensive camera lenses or post-processing software is not required nor are advanced image processing skills. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to become addicted to camera lenses. Super Refocus is among the best in its class. By simply applying a blurred background and increasing the depth of field, a sense of depth is created to draw attention to the most important objects of an image.

Minimum OS versions are:

-Data Recovery Mac - 10.6 or higher
-1,000 Open Type Fonts - 10.6.8 or higher
-App Crypt - 10.8 or higher
-Circular Studio - 10.9 or higher
-Easy Split Merge - 10.7 or higher
-Mac Product Key Finder Pro - 10.4 or higher
-Super Refocus - 10.7 or higher
Digital download. You will receive an email receipt immediately after placing your order with unique serial numbers and download links for each product.
All sales are final.

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    I bought both the Mac Bundle # 6 and the alarm clock , although the purchase price went through pay pal , nothing was returned, Looked for a serial number for alarm clock and download site but unsuccessful ????/

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    Sorry for the issue. The serial #’s should have been added to your Uneeq account on this site. Please let me know if you have not received and I will follow up.