Vintage Edison Style LED Dimmable Light Bulb (4-pack)


Manufactured by Burton Vargas Innovations.
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The Flickerless LED Technology® Bulb by Burton Vargas Innovations is the worlds first 20th Century Edison replica LED light bulb that prevents known health issues due to exposure to (invisible) high frequency flicker, such as epileptic seizures, malaise, headaches and impaired visual performance. Beware of cheap knock-offs. This Bulb uniquely merges the “look” of vintage bulbs, with the efficiency of LED technology. Burton Lighting bulbs are five times more efficient than newer incandescent.

The sculpted filament creates a unique Flickerless glow that is beautiful to gaze at and allows your eye muscles to relax. With its antique finish and superior dimming capabilities, this bulb heightens your ambiance, and brings you the perfect accent lighting for those of us that have photo-sensitivities or just don’t want flickering LED’s in our lives.

Product features:

– High-quality electronics and flickerless LED technology®
– Superior dimming capabilities, stays at same color temp 2200K
– Film and Theater quality of Light 90+CRI
– 3 watt LED = 20-25 watt equivalent
– Longest lasting with 25,000 hour lifespan
– Low heat
– No infra red or ultraviolet radiation
– Eco-friendly


- AC110-130V 3Watt 50/60HZ,150 Lumen Output
- IP20 Water Resistant
- 100pcs LED flip-chip on 130mm substrate
- True Color Dimming capabilities
- Spiral Filament, ST64 outer bulb
- Cap/Base: 26-27mm ES/E27 Type: Screw in
- Lifespan: 25 Years/3 hours per day
- Dimensions: Length 143mm (5.62 inches) x Depth 64mm (2.51 inches)
- Weight: 43 grams


• $10.00 shipping and handling (special packaging required for safety of bulbs) to contiguous 48 states in US.


• Limited Warranty


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