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Tech Lovers unite – it’s our first post!

Thanks for stopping – let’s bring you up to speed.

After months of working, testing, and tweaking, we’re finally starting to see some progress in launching our web site and company! And to say that we are pumped is an understatement. We have been working on some awesome tech deals and giveaways to roll out but we are also eager to find out how you would make Uneeq Company better. So, let us know by sending us a tweet (or whatever go-to social media tool you use).

And while you are doing that…

Let us answer what will probably be the #1 question pertaining to our company ~ So what makes Uneeq Company different than all the other deal sites out there?

Excellent question. A few things:

  1. We aren’t monolithic like Groupon, Amazon, Living Social, or eBay. As a matter of fact, one might even call us a “boutique” company. That’s ok. One of the advantages to being small is that it lets us be who are, and and what we want to be, without all the “politics” of a big company. We also take pride that we are totally hands-on. Making your user experience the bet it can be is our ultimate goal. You’ll find that out when you do business with us.
  2. We are EXCLUSIVELY tech software, hardware, and gadgets. You won’t need to sift through endless offers like $20 off a beer and burger at your favorite hole in the wall, or an air duct cleaning package, or my favorite, Brazilian hot wax hair removal sessions – ouch!

Uneeq Company is all about technology and using our long-standing relationships with developers and manufacturers who have uneeq (get it? 🙂 products so that we can offer them to you, at a big, fat discount.

Everybody likes free stuff, right? We plan on having some awesome giveaways and freebies. It’s a part of our business model. And it’s fun to give away stuff.

Lastly, we want to offer our platform up to one man/woman software developers, gadget inventors, really anyone or any company who has a product that they think is uneeq. Get a hold of us. We’ll see if we’re a match and potentially feature your product on our site.

Thanks again for stopping. Say hi to us on social media and sign up so we can let you know when we are launching. It should be a fun ride.

Sincerely Virtually yours,

the guys at Uneeq Company

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